Development of the SLIPPs Simulation scenarios (IO 4) was led by Prof. Loredana Sasso and Prof. Annamaria Bagnasco, University of Genoa, Italy, working with the SLIPPs
sim-scenario sub group.


The simulation scenarios draw on the wider work of the entire SLIPPs project team including:


• The SLIPPs Learning event recording tool (SLERT)

• The data gathered using the SLERT and the selection and analysis of that data


The following SLIPPs partners were members of the sim-scenario sub group:


Dr. Giuseppe Aleo University of Genoa, Italy.

Assoc. Prof. Alison Steven Northumbria University, UK (SLIPPS lead)

Mrs. Arja Sara-aho Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Assoc. Prof. Kristin Myhre University College Østfold, Norway

Assoc. Prof. Gerd Stina Ekman University College Østfold, Norway

Dr. Sarah Morey Northumbria University, UK

Mrs Kaisa Haatainen University of Eastern Finland & Kuopio University Hospital, Finland



The wider team of academic and clinical colleagues from the University of Genoa who participated in creating the scenarios are as follows:


SLIPPs Nursing team


Milko Zanini

Silvia Rossi

Nicoletta Dasso

Ramona Pellegrini

Roberta Centanaro

Lucia Vassalini

Enrica Silano

Loredana Sasso

Annamaria Bagnasco

Giuseppe Aleo

Barbara Medri

Letizia Cananzi

Marco Lamberti

Lucia Bacigalupo

SLIPPS Midwives (Ostetrico)

Matilde, Canepa

Giovanna Razeto

Egle, Ganzerla

Anna Chiara, Gelardi

Giulia, Marsela

Alice Teti

Marco Lamberti

University of Genova Simulation Centre

(Centro Simulazione Aavanzata)

Prof. Giancarlo Torre

Fabio Vento (tecnico)




The sub-group discussed the SLERT data, the formats of the scenarios and agreed the topics to be covered.

The 'Guidelines for scenario development' were compiled by the University of Genova.

The blank 'Teacher template' document was provided by University College Østfold and Saimaa University of Applied Sciences. Please note, intellectual property rights for the blank template remain with these universities.

The scenario detail and the materials pertaining to each scenario were developed by pairs of sub-group members and wider teams in their respective universities.


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Medication administration (Nursing) - developed by The University of Genoa, Italy and Northumbria University, UK

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1. General information

2. Guidelines for scenarios development

3. Scenario overview

4. Teacher template

4.1 Teacher template (Good Practice)

4.2 Teacher template (Hazard)

4.3 Teacher template (Near Miss)

5. Context description & Script

5.1 Computer based

5.2 Paper based

6. Video

7. Debriefing sheet

8. Feedback sheet

Infection control/Sterile field preparation (Midwifery/Obstetrics) developed by The University of Genoa, Italy

Communication - developed by Saimaa University of Applied Sciences Finland and University College Østfold, Norway

Transfer of care - developed by Northumbria University, UK and University College Østfold, Norway

Hospital discharge - developed by Northumbria University, UK

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1. Scenario (Storyline)