Development of the SLIPPs Simulation scenarios (IO 4) was led by Prof. Loredana Sasso and Prof. Annamaria Bagnasco, University of Genoa, Italy, working with the SLIPPs sim-scenario sub group.


The patient safety card game premise draws on the wider work of the SLIPPs project team including:

  • The data gathered using the SLIPPs Learning event recording tool SLERT
  • Selection and analysis of that data

The following SLIPPs partners were members of the game premise development sub group:

Prof. Annamaria Bagnasco University of Genoa, Italy

Ms Silvia Rossi, University of Genoa, Italy

Ms Nicoletta Dasso, University of Genoa, Italy

Dr. Giuseppe Aleo University of Genoa, Italy.

Prof. Alison Steven Northumbria University, UK (SLIPPS lead)

Ms Lucy Patterson Northumbria University, UK


While the game premise is only in Italian language at present work is taking place to translate it into English and re-configure in to playing card format. Click here to download.

Click the image to view the card game

Click the Word version doc of the card game