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1. Suomen Potilasturvallisuusyhdistys ry:

2. Potilasturvallisuutta taidolla-ohjelma

3. Terveysministerio Potilasturvallisuus:

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1. Health Care Act

2. Government resolution PATIENT AND CLIENT SAFETY STRATEGY 2017–2021, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Helsinki 2017


3. SafetyAsset-project and other patient safety research activities in Finland 17.2.2011, VTT Technical research centre of Finland

4. National Reporting Systems for Patient Safety Incidents; A review of the situation in Europe, National Reporting Systems for Patient Safety Incidents.

review of the situation in Europe. National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), Report 13/2009. Helsinki 2009. pp. 59. ISBN 978-952-245-061-6

5. Valtoneuvosto (Council of State)

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Merja Sahlström (2019) Patient participation in promoting patient safety - Finnish patients’ and patient safety experts’ views. Link to thesis: