Development of the SLIPPs Learning Event Recording Tool (SLERT - IO 2) was led by the University of Northumbria, UK, working closely with Dr Susanna Tella, Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, Finland


The SLERT was inspired by previous SLIPPs team research and the doctoral work of Dr Tella and was developed collaboratively with input from all SLIPPs partners drawing on their vast array of experience, previous research and educational work.


The structure and content of the SLERT was informed by:

• Previous SLIPPs team research and Dr Tella’s PhD

• A literature review of publications (10 years up to December 2016) pertaining to the use of critical incident technique and reflection within the health professions

• Established reflective models (Gibbs and Johns models)

• Recognised international frameworks such as the World Health Organisation International Classification for Nursing Practice; Patient safety terms used in the UK National Health Service; National Quality Forum patient safety terms and definitions (

The development process was systematic and included pre-testing, piloting and back translation into the required languages.


To access various versions of the SLIPPS Learning Event Recording Tool (SLERT) click below as appropriate:

English version of the SLERT: Click Here

Norwegian version of the SLERT: Click Here

Italian version of the SLERT: Click Here

Spanish version of the SLERT: Click Here

Finnish version of the SLERT: Click Here



The SLIPPs team would be really like to know what makes you interested in the SLERT, if and how you might use the SLERT and if we could contact you for further information?