SLIPPs papers Published: 2022 & 2023

SLIPPs team members have published 2 new papers a in the esteemed nursing journal ‘Nurse Educator’.

Bagnasco A, Zanini M, Catania G, Aleo G, Turunen H, Tella S, Sara-Aho A, Vizcaya-Moreno MF, Pérez-Cañaveras RM, Myhre K, Ringstad Ø, Ekman GA, Porras J, Rossi S, Morey S, Johnsen L, Patterson L, Larkin V, Azimirad M, Khakurel J, Dasso N, Haatainen K, Timmins F, Wilson-Menzfeld G, Sasso L, Pearson P, Steven A. Learning From Student Experience: Development of an International Multimodal Patient Safety Education Package. Nurse Educ. 2022 Jul-Aug 01;47(4):E75-E79. doi: 10.1097/NNE.0000000000001138. Epub 2021 Dec 7. PMID: 34878424.

Steven A, Pearson P, Turunen H, Myhre K, Sasso L, Vizcaya-Moreno MF, Pérez-Cañaveras RM, Sara-Aho A, Bagnasco A, Aleo G, Patterson L, Larkin V, Zanini M, Porras J, Khakurel J, Azimirad M, Ringstad Ø, Johnsen L, Haatainen K, Wilson G, Rossi S, Morey S, Tella S. Development of an International Tool for Students to Record and Reflect on Patient Safety Learning Experiences. Nurse Educ. 2022 May-Jun 01;47(3):E62-E67. doi: 10.1097/NNE.0000000000001142. Epub 2021 Dec 6. PMID: 34882101.

SLIPPs team members Porfessor Annamarai Bagnasco and students from Genova university, working with Professor Alison Steven have also published a paper which draws on Italian SLIPPs data 

Steven A; Rossi S; Dasso N; Napolitano F; Grosso A; Villa S; Aleo G; Catania G; Sasso L; Zanini M; Bagnasco A (2023). A qualitative exploration of undergraduate nursing students’ experience of emotional safety for learning during their clinical practice . Nurse Education Today 121


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