SLIPPs Paper wins 2020 award

The SLIPPS team is very proud that their paper outlining the SLIPPs project and the underpinning theory and philosophy won the 2020 Veronica Bishop Paper of the Year Award in the Journal of Research in Nursing

Steven A., Tella S., Turunen H., Vizcaya-Moreno M.F., Pérez-Cañaveras R.M., Porras J., Bagnasco A, Sasso L., Myhre K, Sara-aho A., Ringstad Ø., Pearson P. (2019) Shared Learning from National to International Contexts: A Research and Innovation Collaboration to Enhance Education for Patient Safety. Journal of Research in Nursing 24, no. 3–4 : 149–64. doi:10.1177/1744987118824628


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