Prof. Hannele Turunen

University of Eastern Finland
Hannele Turunen, RN, PhD, Professor (Full) and Chair in Nursing, Head of the Department Nursing Science at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Eastern Finland (UEF).  Hannele works also as Nurse Manager (part time) at Kuopio University Hospital being responsible for chairing the Council of Clinical Placements.  Hannele’s PhD Theses published in 2002 focused on critical incidents as a learning method in nurse teacher education in Finland in in the UK.   Currently, professor Turunen teaches and supervises at Master’s and Doctoral levels.  She has a lot of experience of international research and educational collaboration and she has published more than 100 research articles focusing on patient safety and health promotion.  She leads an international PS Outcomes research project and a multidisciplinary mainly web-based Patient Safety course at the University of Eastern Finland.