Mina Azimirad, MNSc, RN, PhD candidate, Project Assistant at SLIPPS

Mina Azimirad MNSc, RN, PhD candidate, (minaa@uef.fi) is a PhD candidate at University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Department of Nursing Science. She has worked as a RN hospital nurse for 8 years in an Intensive Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) as well as a Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit (BMT) and served the patients. Her Master’s thesis was on “Medical Emergency Teams” (METs), which is a patient safety initiative. She continues working on the same subject for her PhD thesis. She is comparing METs among Finnish and British acute care hospitals. Her first article concerning METs has been published and can be accessed on the link below. Currently she is working on SLIPPS project as an Early Stage Researcher. http://www.internationaljournalofcaringsciences.org/docs/3_azimirat_original_9_3.pdf